Rags to… well, a T-shirt

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, so to speak. We moved to Canada when I was 5. My expansive life experiences prior to that age will need to be a tale (er.. post?) for another time. My brother, mother and father started out in a small 1 bedroom apartment, fairly close to the park. But I was a chubby little guy, and didn’t enjoy what others referred to as activity. Instead, I spent my time reading and learning to socialize with people of a different culture. It was hard at first, but eventually I got the hang of it. Just keep your head down, work hard and eventually we all achieve mediocrity.

If I could summarize what my first few years of cognizant life taught me in one sentence, it would probably be this:

“Despite everything you’ve been told and have come to believe, there is no formula you can follow to become successful”

At that age, my vision of success was being popular. What others did to achieve this status did not work for me. It seems fairly rudimentary looking back; what works for one person need not necessarily work for another, but it took me many, many years to learn this.

It is at this point many “How to be successful” books will suggest something ridiculous. They will ask you to “be yourself”. The truth is, however, the very fact that you’re reading these books suggests that this is not enough! Next, they proceed to convince you that you are actually a confident, articulate and witty person with plenty to offer everyone you encounter. Two days later, you sit at home, jobless, wondering why your witty comment about your boss’ mother failed to enrapture the entire crowd at his roast.

At this point, I have thoroughly lost my train of thought. Any point I was trying to make (if there even was one) has been sufficiently muddled that I feel confident in my average-ness.

Are there any others out there who feel the same way? (If this passage even implies any sort of feeling?)


P.S. I realize that if this does get seen by others, a fairly large percentage will automatically classify me among their groups of people who complain about everything. To be honest, I do have complaints. However, I hope that this blog will not turn into a vent for them. I want to meet with other like-minded people who want to free themselves from the shackles that bind us to whatever it is we have committed ourselves to being. But whatever it is you think, please do leave a comment, whatever it may be. I’m taking the first step in my life to becoming more than average. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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